A large range of spiral models with different profiles, pitches, lengths, and accessories to suit specific applications are available. This range is constantly being expanded as new models are being developed. This improves recovery and efficiency. Spiral banks are supplied complete with the necessary frames, distributors, plumbing and other accessories. All are built in-house.

Low-Cost Spiral

The spiral is a low-cost gravity separator designed to treat pulp with a mineral or coal content in the 1 - 50% range by weight.

Different models with 1, 2 or 3 helixes per column and with any number of turns per helix are available, depending on the specific application. Test facilities are available to establish design criteria.

Trial units can be provided subject to availability.

Typical Applications

  • Coal
  • Gold - aluvial or free
  • Mineral sands - rutile, zircon, ilmenite
  • Tungsten
  • Silica sand
  • Chromite
  • Tin
  • Iron
  • Platinium
  • Carbon - chips or slime
  • Aluminasilicate
  • Soil cleaning
  • Sulphides

Turnkey Spiral Plant

METQ designs and manufactures complete spiral plants and commission them on site.

The complete plants include test facilities (pilot plants). This entails the following:

  • Testing of the samples at our test facility (pilot plant)
  • Analysis of the product through an independent laboratory
  • Creating a mass balance
  • Design the plant layout
  • Manufacturing the spirals
  • Manufacturing the steel structure and associated steel works
  • Erecting steel structure and installing equipment (spirals, pumps and sumps, cyclones, conveyors, piping, electricity, etc.)
  • Commissioning of the whole plant up to hand over.

Spiral Plant: Mobile

Mobile spiral plants are built on a trailer chassis, which can easily be moved from one site to another.


  • Different small ore deposits or dump can be treated.
  • Quick breaking up to fall within the road ordinance for transport.
  • Quick assembly on new site.
  • All the features of a static spiral plant.
  • No expensive structures are needed.
  • Capacity up to 80 tons per hour feed.

Spiral Plant: Test

METQ has its own spiral test plant on site for pilot scale testing work of minerals and coal as well as for new development on spirals.


Hydrocyclones play an integral part in the separation of many minerals in the South African mining industry today. METQ prides itself on being able to offer its customers hydrocyclones of excellent quality at competitive prices. Ongoing research and development ensure that the products on offer incorporate the latest in design technology, quality, and service.

High Efficiency

These cyclones are efficient due to an innovative scroll inlet head resulting in:

  • Higher capacity
  • Improved cut points
  • Less turbulence
  • Reduced wear

Lightweight Construction

The shells are manufactured from reinforced polyester with a 15mm polyurethane lining to reduce the weight as much as possible without forfeiting quality.

Smooth Flowing Action

Each section is spigotted together resulting in correct alignment and combined with the smooth/low co-efficient of friction of the lining. An improved performance is thus ensured.

High Strength Corrosion Free Casing

The non-corrosive GRP casing is non-dentable. This ensures that its inside shape is retained, which maintains constant efficiency.


  • Classification
  • Desliming
  • Densifying
  • Dewatering

Clusters & Canisters

METQ designs and manufactures Cyclone clusters and canisters of all sizes with the smallest footprint possible, which range from 2 to 48 cyclones. Cyclones which range from 10 to 20 degrees depending on the application.



The METQ conveyor systems are all in-house designed with the latest design software and manufactured to suit every application standard or customs.



METQ manufactures both orifice gravity distributors (flow controlled by an orifice to suit specific conditions) and slotted gravity distributors (flow controlled through a vertical slot). Any pressurised distributors can be built to the specification of the customer.

Even distribution of pulp to the spirals is very important. Different methods are used to achieve even distribution:

  • Orifice type: The flow in the orifice type distributor is controlled by the removable orifice in the distributor outlet. The orifice size can be changed to accommodate different conditions.
  • Slotted type: In this case, the flow is controlled through vertical slots in the outlet pipes.
  • Pressure type: Pressure distributors with any number of outlets can be supplied to any specific application.

Flapper Valves

A Flapper Valve, also known as a “fishtail”, is an addition to a cyclone for mainly dewatering purposes.


Flocculant Dosing System

At METQ, we design and install flocculent dosing stations to the customer’s specification.



METQ's Hydrosizer is a standard range from 750mm up to 2500mm. Custom size hydrosizers can also be designed and manufactured. The hydrosizers can either be rubber lined or polyurethane sprayed.

All hydrosizers have a Plexiglass window for observation and an outlet valve.

Flow meters and additional valves can also be supplied.


Lab Shaking Table

METQ manufactures lab size shaking tables for the industry’s test work. The tables are highly adjustable. The stroke, frequency, and angles can be easily adjusted.



Launders are all custom-designed and build to customers’ needs. METQ offers launders of different widths. All depends on the amount of the refined product.

METQ designs and manufactures solid, split and fiberglass launders. All steel launders are made of 2mm steel plate and lined with 6mm rubber. Fiberglass launders are all polyurethane sprayed on the inside through a reverse lamination process.


METQ's plumbing products are cast in polyurethane with a high wear resistance. Typical plumbing products consist of elbows, tee-pieces, y-pieces, reducers and wash water sockets. All the plumbing products come in sizes from 50mm up to 160mm for HDPE pipes.


Sumps & Pumps

METQ designs and manufactures sumps to meet the customer’s specifications and needs. Pumps are procured from our suppliers and are combined with sumps to become a unit in our factory. Sumps can be of any size and shape.


Pumps & Spares

METQ has a partner in pumps and pump spares supply.

  • Full pump set and pump system design capability
  • Ensuring operation at best efficiency point by considering pump and system curves
  • Optimised inlet and outlet piping design
  • Optimal, application-specific materials selection
  • Pump selection with extensive “what-if?” scenario planning
  • Sealing arrangement selection
  • Effective pump integration with balance of system components
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Potential elimination of gland service water

Pressure Gauges

METQ now supplies pressure gauges too:

  • High Strength Corrosion Free Casing
  • Various Industrial Applications

Mill Liners

  • METQ strives to ensure that the mill liners used in your mill will be designed for your specific application.
  • This will help to reduce downtime and increase productivity with our complete mill solution.
  • METQ our “right tool for the job” will ensure that liners going into your mill is correct for the application
  • Metallurgically correct, Maintenance correct, Performance correct, designed and manufactured for your application
  • METQ will ensure that we:
    • Decreases shutdown time
    • Improves mill availability
    • Improves liner utilization
    • Increases total productivity

Screen Panels

  • With our wide range of modular screen panels for mineral processing METQ ensures your screen deck is optimised to achieve your required cut size efficiently
  • To achieve optimal efficiency we ensure that the correct panel for the application is installed
  • Our injection moulded and handcast screen panels are tailor made for your needs.

With the METQ screen panel range we ensure that we:

  • Minimise pegging and blinding, which are major contributing factors towards screening efficiency METQ can assemble a customised screen deck to contribute to optimise your screening efficiency 
  • We are constantly researching to ensure that we design for improved wear life in tough operating conditions with efficiency intact
  • Available in standard (305 x 305 mm and 305 x 610 mm) and customised sizes to match your application
  • Range of aperture sizes and panel thickness
  • Quick and simple installation and removal
  • Available with a wide range of screen fastening systems


  • METQ has joined forces with a well-known flotation company enabling us to supply you with the ultimate flotation machines
  • Performance like no other flotation cell
    The Flotation cell with its self-induced air capability, overcomes the key inefficiencies of other similar flotation cells by facilitating a controlled air induction rate for specific pulp conditions whilst holding the pulp in suspension and yielding optimum froth surface stability. These features ensure optimal mineral recovery without noisy, costly blowers and associated auxiliary equipment
  • Project Management & Execution:
    Our flotation equipment including structures and pipework for plants to be supplied on a turnkey or EPCM contract basis is fully manufactured in South Africa.
    The following disciplines are contracted out to approved suppliers:
    • Shot-blasting, painting & rubber-lining.
    • Electrical design & supply.
    • Instrumentation design & supply.
    • Civil design & supply.
    • Plant erection.

Process-, layout-, structural- & civil design work pertaining to plants to be supplied on a turnkey or EPCM contract basis are partly executed in-house and partly by consulting engineers, depending on the requirements of the particular project.