Research and development

Research and development is the keystone to MetQ's success and ensures future growth.

It plays a vital and important role in the continuous development and upgrading of existing products, new products, and techniques.

We believe that the technology used to develop a new spiral, with a constant pitch and even profile in a short space of time, is unique to MetQ. MetQ spirals has left deep roots in the industry since 1979.

MetQ yellow spirals
New developments
Ultra-fine spiral
Ultra-fine spirals

MetQ's M10 spiral was developed to recover ultra-fine chrome. The spiral has shown that it is not limited to chrome industry but applicable to other heavy minerals. The design allows gentle downwards flow and higher residence time per helix turn.

The conical curvature adds to greater inwards settling of ultra-fine heavies resulting in superior recovery. The spiral is able to recover particle sizes lower than 53 microns and chromite tailings grade below 10% have been achieved.

Technical drawing
Test plant

Flowsheet development starts in the test plant. It allows customers to form part of the test team together with experienced MetQ engineers to generate optimized solutions. Various stages can be tested that can be used to further optimize modelled flowsheets.

MetQ yellow spirals
Mobile test rig

This test rig was built for in-field testwork. The unit is easily adaptable to be retrofitted to the customer’s plant facility with minimal modifications. This ensures that testing can start with nominal delays.